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Things to make for your dog at Dream a Little Bigger

I’ve been very vocal about my love for kitties. There are four living in my home, Liddy, Marla, Gracie and Max and I have been caring for a feral fella that has started stopping by my home. I’ve named him Oleg and I’m trying to find him a good home. He is adorable!

I don’t guess that I’ve been so talkative about my love of pooches. I guess that is because I only have one! Aggie is a great gal and I’ve had her for a decade. She’s a ragamuffin mutt that I selected at the shelter because she was going to be put down very soon. She was loving and kind but she hates other dogs. So as long as Ags is around she’s going to be an only canine child. (She absolutely loves kitties though – its the darndest thing!)

Her teeth are getting older and she’s having a hard time with some of her old toys so I made her a braided chew/tug toy out of some bargain bin fleece. It was really simple to do. I took about 1/8th of a yard of fleece I purchased from the off cuts section and cut it into thin, half inch wide strips the length of the fabric. I cut 15 strips, divided them into 3 sections of 5 and braided with knots every once in while. It’s not fancy, but she really, really digs it.

After I made it I started perusing the internet for pup tutorials and I was pleased to have found a ton that I’d now like to share with you.

Loki sacks out on his bed made by Erin of Dog Under My Desk.

When I look for beds for my creatures I always try to put myself in their position. Does it look really comfy? I care less about the appearance and more about if it will get used. When I saw this bean bag reminiscent bed I fell in love. Not just with the adorable guy on the bed but with the look, the style and the comfiness of it. Head on over to Dog Under My Desk to check out a great site and go here to see how Erin made Loki (such a great dog name!) this too cute cushion!


Felled wood is reused for a killer dog feeding station by Ugly Muffin Library.

You may have seen the dog feeding station I made for Aggie a while back. Not particularly on the look out for another, I just happened to stumble across this amazing piece at Ugly Muffin Library and I simply had to share. It was a true labor of love and group effort and the end result is amazing. Cute little Kobuk has found multiple uses of the felled tree creation made by Mary and Jared with the help of the pa-in-law. It’s a labor intensive process but how neat is that?

Things to make for your dog at Dream a Little BiggerThe gang at the Purl Bee tackles dog accessories!

I like stylish collar and leash sets… the cuter, the better. Thing is they can get pricey and sometimes they just don’t have what I envisioned in my head before heading to the store. With this DIY from the Purl Bee you don’t have to worry about that! Make your own cutesy set!

Braid up an awesome leash and collar inspired by (in)distructible.

Can’t sew?  No big, I’ve got you covered. This set uses 550 Paracord and I have to say that this is more than likely the way that I’m going to go. Plus I love the idea of a new and previously unused by me craft material. Double plus you have to melt things which means you get to play with fire. For some reason I really dig that. There isn’t exactly a tutorial, but check out his post for inspiration on working up your own over at the Tumblr blog (in)distructible.

Jill shares a free pattern for a dog harness at Sew Mama Sew.

First off, isn’t that puppy so freakin’ adorable? Oh. My. Goodness. I love her. Jill’s fabulous little pup is a leash puller which led her to creating a harness that didn’t only curb that, but looked good. The pattern is too cute and would be amazing in so many different fabrics. She shares the free pattern at Sew Mama Sew here.

Eagle Rowe DIY stamped pet tags.

Now I have to be honest. My Aggie doesn’t really wear a collar. She is a lethargic fatty and there is no way I have to worry about her running away. I can’t even get her to go outside by herself which can really stink at 5:00 in the morning when she desperately needs a pee and I desperately need to be in bed. So she doesn’t need to wear a collar all of the time. But if Ags woke up tomorrow spry and like the clock had been turned back a couple of years she would be sporting some neckwear.

BUT, these tags were too cute not to share. Plus I think that they would make such cute gifts for dog loving recipients. After all, we all know how crazy people get for their “fur babies”. You even have two options here: learn to make your own at Eagle Rowe, or buy a set from Andrea’s Etsy shop.

Ana White builds an amazing all wood dog crate.

I know that when it comes to dog crates there are two very different sets of people. There are the ones who use crates and those who feel that they are inhumane. If you fall in the latter category it probably means this isn’t a project for you… But if you do need/use crates, how nifty would it be to make one for your furry friends? This extra special crate made by Ana White (who has made power tool skills I’m so jealous for) also doubles as an end table. Say what? See how to make one here.

Nifty baby gate design by This Old House.

Perhaps if you’re not in the market for a crate, you could use a gate? This cool DIY gate  is great for little pups and can be found over at This Old House and they quote the project at 5 hours and 60 bucks. That isn’t bad considering I’ve seen what my sister’s dogs can do to an expensive oversized baby gate. If you think that this sucker could contain your pooches you should make your own! I fear Aggie would just knock that sucker over and keep going. Nobody puts Aggie in a corner.

Things to make for your dog at Dream a Little BiggerPeanut butter and banana dog treats from Karly at Buns in My Oven.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I try to make all of my dog’s food. It is time consuming but in the long run it has been so much cheaper than store bought food. Plus, Aggie loves it and I love how she isn’t stinking up the house with bad tummy troubles. I’m always on the look out for a good doggy recipe.

These peanut butter and banana dog treats from Buns in My Oven look so good that you might make a couple for yourself! I have yet to meet a dog who doesn’t love peanut butter and bananas. Head on over to Karly’s blog for the full recipe and a cute story about the conversion from someone who steers clear of dogs to someone who now has her own cute bit of barking fluff (named Biscuit – how freakin’ cute is that?)

Want even more doggy DIY projects? Check these babies out:

Yet another collar & leash post at Sew 4 Home (PS this leash doubles as a GOAT leash – yeah!)

Really great PH Balanced Dog Shampoo DIY via Curbly

Plans for a ranch style dog house from Sunset

Bacon bark sticks from the aptly named Spoon Fork Bacon

Even more dog treats from Curbly

Cutesy dog coats by Martha Stewart

Inventive a dog sweater recycled from a people’s sweater at Vo Knits

Fun, inexpensive dog toys from Bark Scratch and Sniff

Super easy braided dog toy from Lana Red

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  1. Wow…what do you know about your doggie? she looks to be a Bouvier Des Flandres…is that true? If so you have yourself one special little girlie! And she was a shelter doggie? thank you so much for rescuing her…bouviers are the BEST…I had my own girlie for almost 13 years and she was my best friend EVER…enjoy your girlie!

  2. Hey, Lori! Aggie is a rescue from an animal shelter. She was going to be put down that day and I couldn't have that! I was told that she was a mutt and she has always stumped vets. She has the tail of a border collie but now I know that she looks like a bouvier in the face, body and size. I might just have a Bouvier Des Flanders/Border Collie mix! Thanks for the info. I really enjoyed looking into the breed 🙂

  3. Can you please help me find the pattern for the Kimono Dog Harness? Sewmamasew is no longer a website. Thank you!

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